Marketing Mailing Lists

Lead generation is not a new form of driving new business you can have leads generated and sent to you specifically for you in real time. Our expert representatives can direct you as to which lead generation platform would work best for your business needs.


The new emerging mobile phone culture have brought SMS – MMS marketing to impact levels far exceeding direct mail, email marketing, and other traditional marketing channels, resulting in as much as 90% + read rate, as much as 10%+ response rate.Success is dependent on the mobile data. We obtain over 8 million opt-in cell numbers a month. They can be targeted through our huge behavioral data.This is a great method for lead generation, coupons or selling a product.The result: your company gets real prospects, with real results. Setting up an exclusive live transfer campaign is easy.


A successful campaign starts by using targeted opt-in dialing data. That data is a big key to making a successful campaign. The actual voice recording needs to be short and still drive the consumer to press one. With over a decade of writing copy we will participate in the creation. Once we’ve called someone interested in your message, our management system transfers the contact to your call center or office in seconds. All you have to give us is a phone number to transfer your contacts to. What sets us apart from everyone else, is our comprehensive campaign delivery and management system. This is a very proactive way to generate live leads.


To use email marketing and get results you need an expert. Leads and Data Solutions is that expert. There are many factors to get result.With eighteen years of email marketing experience we get your mail, not only delivered not the spam box, but to the inbox. Your results are many times better showing in the inbox. All email data is targeted cleaned opt-in with no worry about any repercussions. Just results.

We know what it takes and use all of them each and every mailing . Many companies may offer more emails for less but in the end produce little or no results.