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As we enter the 20s, one thing that is becoming clearer is the value of data. While many people in the 20th century expected technology to advance to a world with flying cars and express rockets to the moon, it was data that became important. Data became so important our current era is defined by industries such as information technology and known as the information age. We now have entire branches of technology and industry dedicated to both the storage and processing of data.

Data takes up a large amount of “space” in servers and other storage systems. It is always potentially valuable, but until you know when you need it, or how to use it, it takes up space without doing much of anything. However, when it is required, having it on hand in an easily accessible format, such as digital storage, becomes key to retrieving and processing that data in a timely, useful manner.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is always on the lookout for databases to add to our inventory. If you have one you no longer require, maybe we can help.

The Story Of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is an entirely American owned and operated business. The company was started by a disabled veteran who decided, after serving the country, to serve the business community of America. The business got its start in the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, as a marketing firm that helped other companies to reach out to their markets, or even find the appropriate target market for a product or service. Quality results yielded steady growth, and today the company has a staff with a  combined total of over 50 years of marketing industry experience.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing first entered the business sphere before digital marketing became more common. Direct mail was—and still is, even today—a powerful platform for marketing in the pre-digital era, requiring vast amounts of data. It was from this that Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide learned valuable lessons about the importance of data, the need for storage, and, perhaps most important of all, the value of accuracy, relevance, and authenticity to get reliable results from data-driven endeavors.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing offers a range of different products and services that are all data-intensive in their function. Direct mail is a foundation service that is still on offer but now is accompanied by modern approaches, such as digital marketing. The area of servicing has been expanded by orders of magnitude, from Las Vegas, Nevada to the entire country, including Hawaii and Alaska. North America itself is part of this coverage, with services for Mexico and Canada. For businesses targeting other countries, marketing data is available for nations such as France across the Atlantic.

There’s Always A Market For Data
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is primarily focused on helping clients to connect with their chosen markets, whether that is through direct mail, email, or some other point of contact, such as text messaging/SMS. We offer different packages of customer data that fall into different categories based on need. In some cases, the only data required is simple public information, such as mailing addresses or zip codes.

In other cases, however, the data gets much more “granular” and detailed. We offer a range of consumer data along different demographic lines. People of a certain age range, a specific ethnicity, or meeting certain economic criteria, such as being known donors to charity or currently holding and paying off a mortgage, are a few of the types of data that our clients find valuable and that we provide upon request.

As such, we are always aggressively working with new partners and vendors to acquire new sources of data. We not only work with partners who are willing to share data, but we also manage and add to our own private database archives and buy databases that are up for sale. If you have databases that you would like to share or even sell, maybe we can work with you.

Always Expanding
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is always interested in gaining access to, or even buying and curating, databases to add to our own. We are one of the few businesses that don’t just lease access to databases from partners; we actively create and manage our own through strategic buys with vendors. If you have a database that you’d like to share, or you have a database that you no longer want to manage, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing may have the solution you need to profit from a database that you no longer wish to store or handle yourself.

Of course, being a business, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing does have to meet specific minimum standards and obligations. Our databases, when we offer them to clients, adhere to our reputation for accuracy and relevancy. When clients want to access only to high-value political donors, for example, we take every step to ensure that the consumer data we provide is both legitimate and up to date. We do not have an interest in outdated data that will not provide value to our clients. We are also interested in larger volumes, such as databases with 100,000 contacts or more.

Let’s Work Together
If you have a database that you’re shutting down, or leads that you would like to sell, we may be able to help you. We have protocols for buying databases, and we need to ensure that databases meet our standards. In addition to the size, relevancy and legitimacy are crucial to continue to provide quality results for our clients.

As such, we are always happy to consider—and analyze—databases going up for sale to ensure authenticity and relevancy. Details must be accurate, whether they are mailing addresses, email address, or demographic characteristics. If you have such a database and you’d like to increase its investment potential, contact us. We can work together to buy your database and add more value for you and our clients.